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DVD The Complete Guide to Geocaching (englisch)

CHF 24.00


Die DVD übers Geocaching. Leider nur in englisch verfügbar und deshalb folgt auch die folgende Beschreibung in englisch.

This is the definitive video featuring the exciting sport of Geocaching. Whether you are an active player or have just heard about Geocaching, this great video program is for you. Get your questions answered. Share the sport with your friends. It’s all right here.


  • Introduction & History of geocaching
    What it is and how did it get here? Includes a visit to the world’s first geocache location.
  • Finding your first geocache
    Where to look, what to bring, which geocaches to try. Tips and tricks that make the hunt - and the hide - easier and more rewarding.
  • Placing a good geocache
    How to choose a location, container, camouflage, and how to post your geocache on Geocaching.com.
  • Geocaching with children
    Geocaching is a fantastic sport for the whole family if you plan carefully.
  • Geocaching and beyond
    Take geocaching to the next level. Have a look at geocache variations and clever techniques.
  • Bonus features
    Exclusive interviews with geocaching pioneers Dave Ulmer, Jeremy Irish, and Jon ” Moun10Bike” Stanley. Plus, Travel Bugs and the Global Positioning System explained, using the Geocaching.com web site - and more!
  • Run time - Approx. 60 minutes.